How To Get BIGGER Arms In 8 Moves

Want bigger arms?

Of course…who doesn’t?

In order to accomplish this though, you will need to work each muscle group in your arms. You don’t want to overwork a certain area and leave another area untouched.

Working the biceps, triceps, and forearms evenly are crucial to having aesthetically pleasing guns.

Compound exercises

A lot of times, gym-goers will workout their arms with only isolation exercises. These types of exercises are beneficial to a degree. They definitely work the target area really well.

Even though this is true, compound exercises allow you to use more weight during each set. Doing this will cause your muscle fibers to react to the extra weight and therefore become stronger. Exercises such as chin-ups, bent-over barbell rows, bench press, and chest flys, all involve the arms.

If you are regularly performing compound exercises, your arms have no choice but to adapt and grow.

Go to page 2 to find out about isolation exercises and also watch the video!


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