3 Easy Tips for Building Bigger Calves

Calves are one of the most neglected body parts.

It’s no wonder that guys everywhere are walking around with big upper bodies and small, weak-looking legs. Some may make the excuse and say they weren’t born with genetically adapting legs and therefore cannot grow size in their calves. That’s a load of BS.

Your calves can be worked out each time that you have leg day. Preferably 1-2 times per week. Over training the calves, or any muscle group for that matter, opens up the possibility of injury. Avoid this at all costs.

The following tips from the Buff Dudes will help you develop bigger calves in order to catch up to your growing upper body. Enjoy…

Building Bigger Calves…


Weren’t those the exact tips you needed to see? Now, implement them right away into your leg workouts and see your calves explode!


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